Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost

Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost

This was such a hilarious book, I laughed myself silly while reading it!

At first glance I thought it would be a whole book about a ghost in the toilet. I hadn’t read the blurb, just saw the title/cover/illustrator, and bought it. So I was delightfully surprised when I found out there wasn’t just one story, but three stories, and all of them funny!

The first story is of course about the ghost in the toilet. And it was also my favourite one out of the entire book. It was just so silly. I definitely loved how everyone at first was apprehensive about the kid who got soaked in the toilet, but then went full believing (and of course panicking). Those poor boys, getting bans and being told by the girls not to go, then again, the boys didn’t even want to go to the toilet any more even if they had exploding bladders. 😛
It was especially fun when the teachers didn’t believe it until THAT happens. Haha, then they had to believe. I just rolled out of my bed (I was reading it before sleeping) during that moment.
Of course they will just say it is the pipes being bad, I am with the kids however, it is a ghost!

The second story, all about a shoe which can tell fortune… is it true or not. I knew quite quickly what was going on with the shoe, but I had a lot of fun reading and seeing the chaos of the class. How everyone was a believer. I did feel a bit sorry for the teacher, that kind of trick wouldn’t work on me, but I can understand that most people would rather hide in a closet than touch it or come near it.
I had quite a laugh that our MC didn’t even feel angry when certain truths came out, instead she was all happy that he explained stuff. Haha, that is one way of looking at it.

The last story was my second favourite in the book. About an itchy carpet! I was quite curious as to how a carpet turns itchy, so I had lots of fun reading it. The mystery box and the chaos that brought? Brilliant! Such a tiny thing, but the whole class was in panic and chaos. What actually turned the carpet into an itch fest? I loved it, I definitely didn’t expect that turn of events.
Plus extra points to Bobby’s hamster: The Warrior and the illustration that accompanied that part.

Lastly a word about the illustrations. Well, they are terrific, and I just love it when a book has one colour-scheme, in this book everything was either green, grey, white, or black. But mostly green. The illustrations really popped out of the pages.

So all in all, I NEED the second, and third, and any book, from this series. I think this will become another favourite series of mine. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, if you are looking for a fun short story collection with great illustrations and lots of humour don’t look any further but check out this one!

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