Review for Yuuyake Rocket Pencil Vol.1-3 (Updated)

Review for Yuuyake Rocket Pencil Vol.1-3 (Updated)

A stationary store, alone in the modern times, will it survive with the help of our cute MC?

So yesterday I started a brand-new manga series, and read 2 volumes of it. I wrote a small review on Goodreads about what I thought per volume, and I want to share those with you here!

EDIT 3-4-2017. So I finished the last volume (#3) as well, so I am updating this review and the rating and bumping it up again.

Volume 1: 4 stars. This was quite the adorableness, though I have to say I found the relationship between our MC and the mangaka quite a bit creepy (luckily it seems that he just treats her as a little sister), I hated the dad and how he did stuff (I can see how he lost his wife). But the MC was fantastic and I love how strong and determined she is, I am sure the store will flourish thanks to her. I will be cheering for her! Good luck! You can do it! I do wonder how she balances it, and if that means that the shop is truly just open whenever she is out of school (so 3/4pm). So far it seems she balancing it fine, but I do wonder for how long.
The art is also pretty cute, really fits the manga.

Volume 2: 5 stars. The second volume, and thank Lord that the mangaka x MC stuff is getting less and less. Did the kid really think she would have a chance? She is 10 for crying out loud, he is 20+… that is illegal and disturbing in many ways. 😐
I am glad the mangaka and that university girl are getting closer and closer to each other, I was already shipping them in the previous volume, but my shipping powers are going up.
I loved all the flashbacks in this one, not only for Ebisu, but also for Satomi’s Mom and Dad. How they met, and how her dad was apparently pretty awesome in the days.
Poor Satomi, what a dick move from that person to do that to a little girl. Bah. I dearly hope that dad is going to do something else than close the store upon hearing this from Satomi.
I am really happy that the store is doing so well, and that it is getting more and more famous with the day, it shows Satomi is really putting an effort in the whole business. Go girl go!

Volume 3: 3.5 stars. Well, this was a bit disappointing. The manga reached its conclusion, but it feels so rushed. A lot could have been explained much better, but now a lot of things get resolved in these short chapters. We find out why the parents broke up, and who had a big part in the breaking of it all, our mangaka dude is making serious plans, but will break two people’s heart in the process. It was just a bit too much. Plus I am still creeped out by the mangaka x Satomi stuff, and especially the feeling I get from how things ended with certain characters. It feels as if the author is really pushing these two characters to get together. Eh, no thank you.
I also got a bit tired of Satomi whining all the time about adults this and adults that, adults don’t need to tell you everything, just like your friend from your age don’t need to tell you everything. Really girl.
But still, in overall, a good manga that I quite enjoyed reading. We need more books about people working in stores. Especially tiny stores.

I would highly recommend this manga to everyone looking for something cute, something fun, with good art!

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