Library Haul 15-5-2017 (Update: 16-5-2017)

Library Haul 15-5-2017 (Update: 16-5-2017)

Hi everyone!

Today I made a quick visit to Library #4. I probably will have to go back this week again since I am still waiting for that reserved/on-hold book to come in. But I just couldn’t wait, I spotted 2 books that I wanted in their catalogue.

In the end I walked away with 5 new books. One comic, 1 cooking book, 3 fiction.

Update: So today (16-5) I got a mail about my reservation (De Choco Cup). It had arrived (it came from another library in their branc), and it was waiting for me. So at the end of the day (right before they closed), I raced towards the library and got my reservation. And well, while I was there… I also had a look around and found two more books! Teehee. 😛

So I thought I would update this post.


Lieke viert feest by Jette Schröder
Kaat en Ko de zee op by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw
Job en Keetje by Lizette de Koning, Jeska Verstegen
Coole kids koken by Jenny Chandler
Noortje – Duizend keer lachen by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein

Uitrollen is het nieuwe doorpakken by Japke-D. Bouma
Schaduwblind by Veronique Marien
De Choco Cup by Thea Stilton

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