Library Haul 31-5-2017

Library Haul 31-5-2017

Hi everyone,

I am glad I have this week (mostly) free, so I could bring back, and get new, books.

I found 8 new books! One of them was yet another book that wasn’t in their “Aanwinsten”(New books) menu, they should really get to updating that menu more often. Plus, it would be nice if they updated it on one specific day, like Library #2 does (Tuesday’s). Ah well, I am already delighted that they are getting so many new books.
Also one book is a Sprinter (the Suzanne Vermeer book), which means I can only have it for one week, so I have to squeeze in some time (somehow) next week to go to the library and bring it back. Which may also mean that I may have another Library #4 haul next week. 😛

So stats: 8 books in total. 2 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Het touwtje uit de brievenbus & Katoren revisited by Jan Terlouw
Stoffige streken by Femke Dekker, Marieke Nelissen
Koning Eddie en de kwade keizer by Andy Riley
Het paradijs by Suzanne Vermeer
Punk meets preppy by Simone Arts, Tante Beun
Voor altijd mijn pony by Yvonne Kroonenberg
Gevaarlijk geheim by Jan Heerze
Van paarse heide tot orchideeënweide by Bob Luijks, Yola de Lusenet, Ellen Luijks

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