Library Haul 8-5-2017

Library Haul 8-5-2017

Hello everyone!

While browsing the Library #4 catalogue I noticed a book I had been looking forward for some months + it was available. Of course I had to visit the library, and see if maybe they had other books for me. Thankfully, I had some free time this afternoon, so I hopped on my bicycle and away I went.

I found the book I wanted, but also found 2 other new (OMG need to have them) books that weren’t listed in the catalogue (weird, very weird). So I was even more happy that I went to the library today. 3 books that I really wanted! And while walking around I found another 2 books.

Stats for today’s haul: 5 new books. 4 fiction and 1 non-fiction. Also the books I was looking forward to were: Het vrouwenhart, Liv 6, en Vos + Haas.

Het vrouwenhart by Janneke Wittekoek
De geheime archieven: De vlucht by Bruce Coville
Veel LivsX – #Love Yourself by Marlies Slegers
Vos en Haas – Het land van de Nijl by Sylvia Vanden Heede, Thé Tjong-Khing
Ons mooie voedselboek by Lisette de Jong, Ria de Jong

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