Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.9

Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.9

This is a re-read of Volume 9!

As I said with my Volume 8 review, I am already reading these when the chapters come out (once every month so far), but I wanted to re-read the volumes because there is a lot of things happening/coming and I want to freshen my memory so I am ready for everything!

A lot of things are happening in this one. We find out more about the zombie virus (which doesn’t give much hope for the future, but then again, a world with zombies isn’t really that full of hope anyway). I am quite curious who spread the virus, and if there is a way for a cure (Save Kurumi!), and what this means for those who are still surviving out there. What is the incubation time? Can it just hit you out of the blue? Is staying inside enough? So many questions, and I hope that the next chapters will reveal more about it.

It seems that Yuki is still having some delusions/is still protecting her mind (as evidenced when she saw how Kurumi was sleeping), but I don’t mind it that much. It keeps her sane in a world full of destruction and hurt. Plus it does seem she is at least semi-aware of it.

Rii and Ruu, mm, it was quite interesting to see how far Rii is willing to go, risking her life. I did love what she did in the end. I am not sure if it was for protection, or if her mind unconsciously let her know it was time to let go, but it was something I didn’t expect the first time I read that part.

Again there is a lot of tension as another guy gets infected. I do think it was a bit overkill to do that to him. 😐

And thus starts a new arc. The university arc is now done, and we are now off to that corporation/cure/answers. At least I expect that we will soon head that way.

All in all, quite an exciting volume! Though I am glad we are now on the move again. Maybe we will get some more excitement.

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