Review for I’m Big Now

Review for I’m Big Now

A cute book about a big sister and her baby brother.

This book was just as cute as I had hoped when I spotted it at the library.

It is a bit different from a lot of sister-brother stories, this girl didn’t make a big fuss, or threw a tantrum at the fact that she wasn’t the baby of the family. Instead she slowly figured out that it was quite fun to be a big sister. That she actually wanted to be big. Because that meant she could do all sorts of things that her baby brother couldn’t do. Like walking home, or going on the potty, or eating without smearing it in every part of one’s face. 😛

Even if that meant she had to share things (though it seems she had the biggest issue with her old toys). Thankfully her parents are there, and they hug, and motivate her.

She also bonded a lot with her little brother. She comforted him when he was sad, she played with him, she sang songs for him. It was really adorable to see how close they got.

The art is really adorable, and I was just awwing at so many of the illustrations.

I would recommend this book to everyone.

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