Review for Invisible Emmie

Review for Invisible Emmie

I was really looking forward to this book, and I was so happy when my pre-order got delivered yesterday!

Thankfully, I have a mostly free day today, so I could read it.

It was really good, but it was also confusing. I had a suspicion about Katie, but after a while I wasn’t sure if my suspicion was right. I was definitely interested in this girl, and I was hoping for her to become friends with Emmie.

And then it turns out she was just fake, an imaginary whatever made by Emmie. Again, I had my suspicions, but given that she seemed to have her own group of people, she liked Tyler, you could see Emmie in the background, and some other things as well, I was doubting my suspicions and I started seeing her as a real person. Plus you could even see Katie in the background during Emmie’s POV, I thought she was real. So I am kind of confused, but mostly very sad. Again, I was hoping she would become friends with Emmie. They seemed to have a few things in common. Plus it would have been nice to see a popular girl sticking up for the not so popular silent girl. That doesn’t happen often in stories like this. For this thing mentioned in the spoiler, I am giving the book -0.5 stars.

Emmie was a great MC, I quite loved her, and girl, I know the feeling of writing a love note to your crush only to have it found out and then that everyone sees it, and people making fun of you for that note. Sadly, for me, that posting the note on a public place was done by my crush, and not like Emmie by some bully boy in her class. You can imagine how my crush ended. But I was quite surprised for how it ended up for Emmie.

Plus I also know the feeling of not knowing how to speak up, of being quiet, that you would rather hide in a place safe to you (for her it was drawing, but for me it was books and drawing). She really connected with me, and I loved that. She was just as awkward as I was back then. Changing clothes during gym? Urghhhh, I hated that, and I always took care to just be super-quick about it. Her favourite place is the library, and that was the same way for me! Strolling through the stacks looking for new books, enjoying the calm and quiet.

Unlike Emmie though my parents were always there for me. My mom was at home when I got home, my dad came home a bit later from work. So I felt sorry for Emmie, that her home situation wasn’t always the best, and I just wanted to shake her parents. I can imagine you may want to work, or continue your life, but really, you shouldn’t have had another baby then. Really, I just didn’t like the parents. Emmie missed them quite a bit.

Emmie’s best friend Bri? A bit too bossy for me. I hated how instead of being more supportive about the note, she instead just cared more about her own note, and she got quite pissed at Emmi for no reason. I also didn’t really see how they matched. Well, in a way yes, at home when Emmi is more open, but at school? No. And again, bossiness is a no-no to me. This is your friend, not your dog. Thank you.

Katie’s POV are done fully in comic style, while Emmie’s is a mix of illustrations and text. I quite liked that contrast, plus the illustrations were really well done. I also liked that the POVs switched each chapter. You would have 1 Emmie chapter, and then the next is Katie, and so on.

All in all, a very cute, fun, realistic book to read. I really connected with Emmie. I would highly recommend this book to everyone!

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