Review for Junior Lifeguards: The Test

Review for Junior Lifeguards: The Test

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to read this book when I spotted it over at Netgalley. I am always interested in the whole lifeguard stuff, it is so vastly different from how it is over here.

And the lifeguard stuff + the friendship + the dedication of our MC was great, however I would have rated the book much higher if I liked the MC more, and if it wasn’t so overdramatic at times.

Our MC is Jenna, she is a top swimmer at her school’s swimming club. She is hoping one day to make a career with swimming, she hopes to go to the Olympics. But then she finds out about the lifeguard tests, and her interest is peaked. I like how this girl loves exploring new options, and how people gave her a chance to actually explore them.
But for quite a bit of the book I just wanted to throw her into a pool of ice cold water. The way she PUSHED her friends to participate even if they clearly didn’t want to participate (I don’t care that in the end they quite liked it/got interested in it). But also the way she acted at the tests. Like she was so vastly superior, and then when things didn’t go right she immediately huffed and puffed like she was supposed to be oh so great. And then when the boss of the lifeguard stuff tells her x and y, she is all offended because OMG I AM SO GREAT. Yes, girl, you can swim like a dolphin, and yes, you have quite some skills, but seriously, you need to kill that attitude of yours.

My favourite girl would be a mix of Piper or Selena. I wasn’t too sure about Ziggy. She is there at times, but I never really learn much about her, plus she just seemed to be more of a background character.

The lifeguard tests were really fun to read about, I wish I could participate in such things. Though it seems to be quite a bit of work, but I wouldn’t mind working hard.

The drama surrounding Molly? My lord, was that really necessary? Given how everyone was so secretive about it I thought she was either pregnant or addicted to drugs…. but in the end it turned out that. Which was also pretty bad, but not as bad as everyone made it seem.

Then there was the whole drama surrounding the Slater family, the rich kids (and Selena’s family), or what was going on with Hayden. And also the mystery surrounding Ziggy. It was just too much, and too silly at times.

I didn’t quite like Samantha (you just don’t take a towel from someone when it is clearly NOT yours, plus how she barely had to do anything and just got whatever she wanted, bleh).

But all in all, I flew through this book and I quite enjoyed myself. I can’t wait to read the next books in this series.

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