Review for Koe Koi Vol.1

Review for Koe Koi Vol.1

OMG, this was just adorable! I am in love with this manga. <3

I was on another search for a new manga when I bumped into this one. I was intrigued by the premise, but also by the art. A boy with a bag? A girl who likes him? I just had to know more about these two, I wanted to see how their relationship would bloom. And of course, if we would get hints to the mysterious boy with the paper bag.

The chapters are quite short, but it fits perfectly with the story. I don’t think this one should be any longer, the jokes may fall short then.

It all starts with Yuiko being sick. She is being called by her class president, and is swooning over his voice. Instead of just waiting out until she is better, she hurries to school the following morning and thus meets that class president. 😛 I adored that she never asked him why he is wearing the mask. She did think about it, but she realises it too late when he is already gone, and by this time she doesn’t feel it is right to ask.

Yuiko is a sweet girl, and I loved how she just calmly accepts Matsubara and his paper bag. She even worries about him (like when it was raining and she was worried about his paper bag).

Matsubara is quite interesting and very mysterious. I wonder why he is wearing the paper bag, and why he has been wearing it since middle school. We get some flashbacks, but they don’t really tell a lot, other than that he was probably bullied.
I loved how sweet and protective he is over Yuiko. How he helped her to the infirmary.

We also have Matsubara’s best friend (still not sure if I like the guy or not, I do appreciate how protective he is over his best friend), and Yuiko’s best friend (I quite like her and how direct she is).

We also have the student council president, and I didn’t like him when we first saw him, and dislike him even more in the following chapter. Bah.

The manga is also completely in colour, which was a lovely change from the normal black/white manga. It really brought the characters to life, plus combined with the pretty art, was just beautiful.

I laughed by butt off quite a few times, I was squeeing and shipping even more times, and I just want to continue reading this manga. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a cute, sweet, hilarious manga.

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