Review for Koi no Mizu Kudasai

Review for Koi no Mizu Kudasai

I saw this manga and just had to try it out. It contains 5 stories, each with their own couple, and their own world. From love in the library, to love and magic. You will be rooting for these girls and their love interests (well for most of them, at least).

The art is absolutely fluffy, the style fitting perfectly with the stories.

I wrote a small review for each of the stories, and I will post them here, with an average rating at the end.

1st story – Give Me A Love Potion, Please: 5 stars. AWWWW this was just so fuwafuwa, so cute, I actually teared up at the ending. That was the best ending I could hope for these 2. I love Motoko, and I can imagine why she has been avoiding the guy, it must be hard to see the one you love so much, leave for America, far away from you. It was cute that she still followed him around, that she still wanted so much to be with him. Sure, the water thing was a bit creepy at first, but then later we see why she is trying so hard.

2nd story: Mikko is Senpai’s Bunny: 2 stars . Haha, at that title. 😛 On the one hand a cute story, but man, that Senpai is a weirdo. Just be honest about why you are acting the way you do, now you made the girl feel like a bunny/pet (which is just not something you would ever want). I felt really sorry for the girl, and was cheering for to tell him off for once. I didn’t quite like his reaction to her trying to kiss him. What she did to make her point was a bit too extreme for me, but it did help. The ending was cute, but eh.

3rd Story: The Yankee Sees the Stars: 4 stars. Aww, this was pretty cute. I loved that fact that she went for that guy, and not the guy who was constantly near her and pushing her to like him. I also loved that while she was a bit of a simpleton she was very eager to learn more about the stars. I am quite curious to how this relationship will work out. They do match quite well though, so I have faith. I like that the author decided to make this couple from two different worlds. story 3: piercing? I was a bit surprised by the whole piercing thing, and also worried. I hope that thing was sterilised. Maybe just let a professional do it? That way you also have someone to go to if that thing gets infected. I did laugh at the sexual innuendos about the piercing stuff. 😛

4th story: A Library For Two, A Secret Temperature: 2 stars. Eh, it had potential, but I hated the love interest. My gosh, that guy is a sadistic jerk. Yeah, yeah, I am sure he didn’t mean it, he was just teasing her, but I just wanted to hit him on the head for saying those things to her. For threatening to spill the secret of her safe place. The end was cute, but also a bit hilarious (warm your hands in my thighs).

5th story: An Apprentice Witch’s Love: 4 stars. Pretty cute, I can imagine why the love interest stopped believing in magic. I hope that granny also told him that there are limits to magic. Some things are just not done.
The romance was quite cute, but I was a bit worried that it would go nowhere, but then that happened and I was just squeeing in happiness. I loved what the girl did for her love interest!

All in all, a manga I would recommend, and I hope the mangaka will write/draw more stories like this!

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