Review for Kumika no Mikaku Vol.1

Review for Kumika no Mikaku Vol.1

Kind of in a reading slump, so I thought I would search around for some manga, sometimes they will get me out of a slump.

This just sounded hilarious. An alien girl who normally gets her food needs just by breathing finds out that actually eating food is even more delicious. Add to this friendship, a bit of a romance (though Kumika doesn’t really see it/nor does it seem she has the feelings, but we do see how Chihiro is trying to have her notice him), and lots of foodporn (really, it looks like she comes just from eating food).

I wasn’t sure what to think of Kumika in the beginning, she was stand-offish, focused on working, and was a bit rude. But then something happens, she finds out what actual food is, and thus she begins to open herself up a bit to her co-workers. She quickly befriends Eiria-chan (human from what I can see) and Mimura-chan (an alien with a very big mouth (which was such a surprise when we found that out)). They help her out with some basic Earth things, like clothes, cooking, and how her body works (since she is now eating, her body is doing other things then she is used to (for instance she needs to go to the bathroom a lot instead of once a month).

It was quite interesting how at first she wasn’t sure what to do about the food, especially since she felt guilty. Her family is poor, and on her planet only a select few truly eat food. So I was happy that the author also highlighted that, and also came with a solution to make sure Kumika doesn’t have to feel guilty for eating.

But after that? Floodgates opened. Kumika was curious about any food, though I had a laugh when she found her food-nemesis. 😛 Poor girl.

It is also quite fun to see Kumika’s reactions to food. It reminded me a bit of Food Wars x Koufuku Graffiti. Add to that her tentacles/horns that tend to react to her emotions. From glowing to flying, even if Kumika tries to hide how she feels, her tentacles will gladly show everyone what is going on.

I can’t wait to see Kumika grow even further, and also see her eat more different food. She now knows what kind of tastes there are (she was confused when she drank hot chocolate since she only knew salty foods), and I am curious to see her explore those tastes.

The art is also pretty good, the style is adorable.

All in all, I will keep an eye out for this manga, I definitely want more of it. I would also recommend it to everyone.

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