Review for Mehr als nur Freunde

Review for Mehr als nur Freunde

Oh my, oh my.

My reaction to this book after reading this. 😛 Lots of sex, very much lots of sex. So be warned! Lots of invisible penises and stuff flying about. These guys just know each other, but they really go for it (well, mostly Yamato, and eventually even Shiki). Even though I am not new to Yaoi/Shounen ai, I am always amazed how fast the characters have sex. And without any protection even. I know male x male doesn’t get kids, but there are other things that condoms protect.

Plus I am always amazed when they have sex at school (at various places) and that no one ever walks in on them (or well, not until they are almost done). It is all quite magical given how much noise they are both making.

I did love Yamato and Shiki, they make such a cute couple together, and I was rooting for them to figure out their feelings (especially Yamato, since he was in the mindset of male x female is the right way, why do I feel these feelings). Yamato went quite the wrong way with his feelings, but eh, in the end they figure it out. Hey, no spoiler, come on, this is a single volume you just know they are going to be together by the end.

The last 3 chapters are about Shiki’s friend (and the one who saved him, which led Shiki to become a punk/dye his hair), about Yamato’s friend (I had a laugh at how they became friends), and lastly about a couple from Sex Friends which fit this series since it is about Yohei (the one who saved Shiki/converted Shiki to punk-dom). The Sex Friends chapter definitely fitted the name. Oh boy, I thought the sex scenes from the normal couple were pretty WOW, but these? RIP that guy that walked into that. 😛

I definitely liked this volume and the characters. Plus bonus points to the fabulous art. The style is just perfect and the expressions of the characters are well captured.

I would definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a cute yaoi manga. 🙂

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