Review for Superstar Tapir

Review for Superstar Tapir

The newest Mango & Bambang book, and boy was I delighted when my pre-order landed in my mailbox.

Like the other book this book has several short stories which, delightfully, connect together. For instance the tie that Bambang gets in the Night at the Fair story makes a comeback at the last story. Same with the snow and snowday stuff. It all comes back, and I just adore that the author decided to do that.

Also like the others is the colour theme. This time it is orange! Such a bright colour, and also perfect for this season here (we just had Kingsday last week here).

Unlike the other reviews however, I wrote a short review for each story and also gave each story their own star-rating. In the end I will post the average star-rating.

Snow Day: 5 stars. This was extremely adorable. I loved that Mango did all that for her best friend. A whole snow day for him, just like that. Instead of real snow she thought of all sorts of other things that looked like it, felt like it, and tasted like it. I had quite a laugh at what happened at the hill. (Also was the ice cream man waiting for them? He held the same ice cream our group holds later.) I do hope that Mango and Bambang will have a snow day together one day, a real one. So they can sled the right way, and not with a very wobbly cart.

A Night At The Fair: 4 stars. It was quite fun, but I wasn’t all too happy to see that person again, and to see what heinous things she was up to once again. I did love what happened at the end, it was all quite exciting and oh my!
We also saw a bit more of dad, well, OK, more as in appearance-wise. We don’t really see much of him except an arm. 😛
I thought it was really sweet of the dad to take Mango and Bambang to the fair, and also he really was a master of the hoopla. I loved how Bambang was at first fearful, but then dared to go into quite a few rides. Go go Bambang! All in all a really fun story.

Rocket to the Moon: 3 stars. Eh, Rocket stupidity again. Overall the story was good (especially the Rocket-less bits, or the parts were Rocket wasn’t gung-ho about the space stuff), but Rocket was just being an idiot. How did she even get up there? Our group had to travel by elevator, and I am quite sure that anyone would notice a dog travelling with them. Plus how did she survive a few days with that helmet on?

A Tiny Tapir’s Tears: 4 stars, but not due to Guntur, but due to the fun premiere, the movie, the little details, and what Mango did.
URghhhhh Guntur. And of course he is acting like a total twit, just like he did when we first met him. I find him really selfish, and I think it is pretty stupid of Mini to go with it, instead of just sticking to her plans. 😐 You are just spoiling him and making everything worse.
But Guntur aside, I love the movie premiere, the little things that happened there, and how Mango stayed calm, and explained how things worked to Bambang so he could also realise it wasn’t that exciting or that he needed to be so afraid (he was quite a bit worked up about the movie). I loved seeing his little tie and cake hat again.
The ending was really sweet, and I am happy (at least for Mango and Bambang) how it ended!

Of course the book is still full of illustrations that really compliment the story and make it even more fun to read. 🙂

All in all, I enjoyed this book, and I do hope that our friends will have many more stories and adventures on their way. I will look forward to them.

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