Review for The House on Cooper Lane

Review for The House on Cooper Lane

yawns Wow, 85 pages of mostly boringness. Dear Lord.

So I was looking around for a new book, when, through a lot of different pages, I stumbled upon this one. I was immediately intrigued. I just adore haunted house stories, and this one sounded perfect.

And the start was pretty decent-ish (and I say ish, as it was quite a boring as well), there were some parts in the middle that were OK (the few scary parts we have), but the ending was terrible. I mean, this place is supposedly haunted, but the only ghost is Jenny. Or, let me correct that, the only ghost we read being talked about is Jenny. The entity that opens that window all the time? The entities that make the dog so afraid (since, really, I can’t believe that would be Jenny given she is stuck). Whatever was going on that first night outside. Unless I missed something and all the events in the house are about Jenny, but frankly, given everything that happens, I didn’t feel that was true. It felt like there was something bigger at play.

It is also full of OMG, he didn’t? stuff. From sawing of a branch (yes, he did that) so he would have a weapon. To going upstairs to a place which you know is very dangerous (in the dark even). To not believing your dog. Sorry, if I had a dog, and he would be NOPING his way out of a house every day on a daily basis until I put him outside on a lease, I would do the same as the dog and just sleep somewhere else, even if that meant the car. Thank you very much.

In the end we do find out a lot about Jenny, but nothing is done with that. Nothing. at. all. Bud just leaves. He has a new job to go to, and he just leaves. It was really anticlimactic. After such a big night full of events, and then boom. Over. yawns I know that x had to happen, but I had hoped he would do a bit more.

Bud was an OK character, though I laughed when he did the one thing a lot of people do in books or series like this (for instance, I have also seen this happen in Paranormal Witness): He shouts at the ghost, gets pissed at it, swings a stick at it (ohhhhh, that is going to help). I loved how he shouted that it is his house now. Um, in a way, but sorry, the ghosts lived here longer. 😛

I think my favourite character from this book was the dog.

I did like that the author didn’t solely focus on the home, he also showed Bud going to work.

But given the book is so short, those 3 months are over in a flash. One moment it is x week, and suddenly it is x weeks later. 😐

All in all? I am disappointed, at least it was a quick read.

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