Review for The Undead Day One

Review for The Undead Day One

Still hunting for zombie books. And then I came across this book, and this series.

It is quite a short book, just about 50-60 pages, but the story it tells is pretty amazing. It tells of the first real day of the apocalypse in the town/country of our MC. We see him watch tv, and then with stunning realisation find him looking out of the window to his street, someone is being chased. People are getting killed. And thus begins his night of horrors.

It is filled with some typical cliche stuff. Like apparently everyone going outside to see what is going on (really, I would just stay inside and barricade the dang door or at least higher up and fortify whatever I can). Or the fact that our MC knows first-hand what happens when bitten, yet tries to do x when he encounters it.

There is nothing yet about how this zombie stuff really started. If it was a virus, or lab experiment went wrong, or a patient zero (or multiple patient zeroes) infecting people, I am leaning towards that last option since there were no news-bulletins about sickness. I hope that the coming books will explain a bit more about the situation at hand.

The night, and also partial morning were definitely creepy, and I was on the edge of my seat. I knew of course that this guy would survive, at least for now. I am not sure how long he can live, but I do hope he has some time left.

The writing was a bit childish/off/choppy at times. Which is a shame.

There is quite a bit of gore, but thankfully not too gruesome so I could read it without having to stop or feel my breakfast/lunch come up again.

Zombies, more zombies, and survival. This accompanied with a dash of humour. Would definitely recommend this book.

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