Review for The Undead Day Two

Review for The Undead Day Two

The second book in this series, Day Two in the new world filled with death, living dead, and more horrors (because zombies aren’t the only worry at this moment).

Again the writing was choppy/off. There were some errors, but it also didn’t read comfortably.

But still I read on, as I wanted to know what would happen to Howie. In the last book he was searching for his parents and we left him near his family. But this book has so much more than just Howie and his quest for his parents. On his way towards them he meets people, helps out people, and he also finds an undead stripper (yes, I kid you not), and her boyfriend.

I have to say I absolutely hated those stripper/boyfriend parts. I was disgusted by the fact someone would tie up a zombie (since I am guessing she didn’t just get tied up while alive), but then to also just sit there and be psychotic about everything when someone walks in. Urgh. I was glad when that part was over and Howie was on his way again. I really struggled reading the parts, I thought it would never end.

I loved that Howie tried helping out people. Even though it may have costed him his life, he still wanted to try. Not many people would do the same in an apocalypse. Many would just save their own asses and try to get away in any way possible.

I am curious about the message on the radio, and if Howie will get there eventually, or if he will group up with Dave and go another direction (since Howie is still searching for his parents).

Dave seems pretty awesome though, I do hope he is friendly, or that he, like so many before him, have gone bonkers due to what is happening.

There are still a lot of questions I have, like how the apocalypse started. Or what the military is up to. Or why the zombies are fast one moment, and slow the next.

I will keep on reading, I am not sure for how long though. I am just not sure if I want to keep reading about each day individually, I would rather have it speed up.

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