Review for We’re All Wonders

Review for We’re All Wonders

“We’re all wonders. Look with kindness and you will always find wonder.”

So the Wonder series also has a picture book. I was fairly excited about it, since I quite liked the Wonder book. I did wonder what the story would be about. I just knew that it was a new story, a new adventure for Auggie and Daisy. Other than that there wasn’t much information.

The book starts off pretty much how Wonder also started. Auggie going to school/going to places, he is different, people point and laugh. He is feeling so sad about it (I just wanted to hug this kid), but then he goes on an eye-opening (for him, and maybe also meant for the audience) journey with his little dog.

We see that the world is full of people, all of them so very different. In colour, but also in other ways. Some are just like Auggie. A message that should just be common sense (Really, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone was the same?), but sadly people will still be mean and spiteful towards people who are different. 🙁 And thus the message is still needed.

I am glad that the art (that I also see everywhere else for this series) has stayed the same, and that it didn’t change. This style just fits perfectly with this story, with Auggie, with people around him. It was fun finding out that the author herself drew the illustrations!

The ending was really sweet, and had me go awww.

So all in all, I quite enjoyed this book. It was fun seeing Auggie again, though of course I was also sad that people are still being hurtful. 🙁 I would recommend this one if you also liked Wonder.


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