Review for Wheels’ End

Review for Wheels’ End

The final book in the Wheels and Zombies series, I will miss this series. It was brilliant, not only because of the Dutch protagonist (yay!), but also because of creepy zombies, the whole cancer/immunity thing, great characters, and great worldbuilding.

This final book will tie up everything, from the evil doctor Warren (urghh I hate that guy so much, he is a terrible person, and I feel sad that no one believes people about him and what he did), to how humanity will be surviving this plague. The author did a spectacular job on tying up all the loose ends and make you all fluffy at the end.

This time the book’s POVs are Ash and Mags. I have to say for a bit of time I was looking forward to Ash’s POV more, especially when that event happened. Mags POVs were interesting, but just a bit bland and boring, but hers definitely picked up when she was send to Alabama. After that I just wanted to read both of them. I loved that the author made the decision to only do Mags POV during that event with Ash. It brought with it a surprise that we would have seen coming if we had Ash’s POV at that time.
I am glad there was no Dr. Warren’s POV, I really was hating on that when those popped up in the previous book.

The serum/vaccine (as I would call it that) is made and it is ready for testing. I was happy to see that they just went and tested it on people (normally I don’t approve, but with the situation as it is, they had to do something, they had to at least try), and the results were amazing. Of course, as expected, it is not the perfect solution. People are still carriers, and unless everyone is inoculated there are still dangers of outbreaks. One bite, one mix with blood, one kiss, it is all dangerous. Plus the fact they had the vaccine made them have an advantage on certain people. People who purposely orchestrated an outbreak (who the hell would do that, really, brrr, people are scary).

Of course not everyone wants that serum/vaccine, and that is logical. But I just wish they would have tried. I feel kind of sorry for those people, don’t they want a life outside of this hell? Away from never-ending death?

There is a lot of zombie action, and I was sitting at the edge of my chair at times, it was just that exciting. Each time Mags, Angie, or Ash went into zombie masses I was just hoping that it would go all right. We know that they are immune, but losing body parts is so inconvenient. 😛

The decision that Mags made at the end? I totally agree with her. If I were in her shoes… I would have done the same. After all x did, and the fact x would probably just continue…. I am not a violent person, but I respected her decision, and I hope she will never get doubts about it.

The ending was just pure perfection, I was squealing in happiness at all that happened there. I am so happy for everyone, especially Mags, she deserves this happiness.

Oh, and I just loved it when Mags thought about The Netherlands, or when she was going snarky about that gear shift, or when she saw Rabobank, or anything else Dutch. I just could understand her so well, and I was just nodding along. Dutch protagonist in an English book for the win!

There is still a lot I can talk about, but I don’t want to dive too deep. I would highly recommend this book, and well the entire series, to everyone. Zombies, zombies, awesome characters, and more!

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