Spotlight Post ~ I Have a Friend on Jupiter by Celine Rose Mariotti

Spotlight Post ~ I Have a Friend on Jupiter by Celine Rose Mariotti

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the spotlight post for I Have a Friend on Jupiter by Celine Rose Mariotti! I just love promoting books, and I was more than happy to make a spotlight post for this book. A book about space, about pen-pals, about intergalactic visits.

For this spotlight I got book- and author-information, but also a small sneak peek.

Thanks to the publisher for providing all the information. 🙂

Carlos and Indiana find a website that promises to find them pen-pals from outer space. Imagine their surprise when they connect with Mannie and Kossie, two alien children on Jupiter! They are amazed to learn about Jupiter, where the people are blue, everyone is a vegetarian, and the trees grow 300 feet tall.

The kids from Jupiter are as amazed to learn about American kids as well. There are no horses to ride on Jupiter. Soon the excited youngsters plan for Mannie and Kossie to visit them on their ranch so they can learn about horses first hand. The intergalactic visit is an exciting idea and to their surprise, is not impossible at all. Indiana and Carlos are delighted to learn their space pals will be allowed to visit quite soon.
What their reception will be from other Earthlings, though, is another question.

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All about the author:

Celine Rose Mariotti was born in Derby,CT and has lived in Shelton, CT all her life. Since a child, she always liked to write. Celine’s first book was “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” Her latest book is “Minister’s Shoes”. Celine loves to write mysteries and science fiction stories.

Find her here:  
Sneakpeek time!

Did you ever wonder about life on another planet? Did you ever
wonder what people on other planets might look like? Did you ever
dream of having a friend on another planet?
Carlos and Indiana braved a whole
new medium and reached beyond Earth
to make a new friend on the planet
of Jupiter.

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