Waiting on Wednesday ~ Kale, My Ex, and Other Things to Toss in a Blender

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Kale, My Ex, and Other Things to Toss in a Blender

Hello everyone!

Will it blend or not? That is the first question that pops in my mind when I spotted this book a few months ago (bonus points to those who get the reference). 😛 And then I fell in love further when the cover was revealed, when the blurb was completed.

The book sounds delightful, I am quite curious to how the online persona thing will work out. Will they make a revenge plot? Or will they do something else entirely. Also there is a lot of stalking it seems, this time with a snow cone truck. 😛

I do have one question, kale snow cone? Mm. I am not sure. I love kale… well as boerenkoolstampot (with bacon + rookworst), but I am not to sure about having it as a topping for snow cones.

When Mia’s summer starts with an epic breakup, she’s sure the rest of the vacation will be miserable. But her best friend, Justine, would never let that happen. Their plan has two parts. One: use their summer job driving a snow cone truck to keep tabs on Mia’s ex in person. Two: create a fake persona to connect with Mia’s ex online.

Soon both plans have morphed into something so much bigger. Add some kale to a snow cone and they’ve got the hottest smoothie in town . . . and more money than they could have imagined. And when Mia’s ex starts falling for the online girl, there s a revenge plot just waiting to be born. A guy who dumps a girl because he thinks her thighs are too thick deserves to have his heart broken by a fake girlfriend, right? All’s fair in love and smoothies…

2 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday ~ Kale, My Ex, and Other Things to Toss in a Blender

    1. Yeah, it is popular in a lot of YA fiction these days, I still remember when it wasn’t there, and when it was new. Hihi, indeed it is not surprising, the meeting online thing is getting bigger each year. Quite happy that authors are adding it to books. Thanks!

      Thanks, a lovely week to you as well! 🙂

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