What I Hope To Read June 2017

What I Hope To Read June 2017

Hi everyone!!

So a new month is coming (tomorrow!), and I can’t wait! June is a month I just adore for many reasons (for instance, the official start of the summer season (though given the temperatures at the moment it is already summer now), my boyfriend and I have our anniversary).

This month I got several books I am just dying to read (The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Perfect Ten, The Unlikelies, What I Lost, new Giant Days, Once and for all, Internet Famous), squeee, I am just so excited! Though I may put some of those books on-hold for my vacation, then again, I may just read them if I really can’t wait (which is the most likely outcome :P).

This month I don’t have a lot of pre-orders (just 6). But I got about 20 non-pre-orders to look forward to!

So let’s start!

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