Library Haul 13-6-2017

Library Haul 13-6-2017

Hi everyone!

Today was a quick visit to Library #4, I had some time to spare + it is absolutely gorgeous weather outside. And I am glad I did, I found the 2 books I really wanted (new), and found 5 other books that seemed fun (hopefully they are).

I am just sad that they didn’t have the third book in the Monster Snackbar series. Hopefully Library #3 will still have it when I visit it this Saturday.

Lucky het nieuwe veulen by Pippa Funnell
Ouders… zo voed je ze op by Pete Johnson
Mijn ouders zijn onhandelbaar by Pete Johnson
Spangas op survival by Wendy Buenen
Flip Fiasco 4 – Schoon Genoeg by Stephan Pastis
Piraat Puck en het piratenfeest by Janneke Schotveld, Marja Meijer
Meiden aan de bal! by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw

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