Library Haul 24-6-2017

Library Haul 24-6-2017

Hi everyone!

A new Saturday, which means new books from Library #2!

I had 9 books on-hold/reserved, and I still had 1 book at home that I still want to read (but didn’t have time for it/wasn’t in the mood for it), so I could find 5 more books. And I found 5 very fun/interesting books to read, including a new comic series. Yes, I may have found a new project, if I like this volume enough. crosses fingers

Stats: 14 new books. 9 non-fiction, 1 comic (though 2 if you count one of the non-fiction books), 4 fiction.

As you can read and see I got a ton of new books and I hope they are all good.

De Oranje Leeuwinnen by Annemarie Postma
Het meisje dat bleef leven by Luca Crippa, Maurizio Onnis
Selfie by Mariëtte Middelbeek
Balverliefd by Anouk Hoogendijk, Vincent de Vries
WAAROM je eigen SCHETEN soms niet zo erg STINKEN! by Esther Walraven
Hoe overleef ik school en stress? by Francine Oomen
Wat ik wens by Reine De Pelseneer, Richard Verschraagen
Hoe word je een GameMeneer by GameMeneer, Bien Borren
Kraai by Leo Timmers
Menno’s Superheroes kookboek by Menno de Koning
Het wonder van de wederopbouw by Henk Nieuwenhuijs, Bart Nieuwenhuijs, Cees de Jong, Warna Oosterbaan
Wanneer vertrekken we? by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec, Leonardo da Vinci
Jan, Jans en de kinderen: Ode aan Jan Kruis 1933-2017 by Jan Kruis
Joehoe! Sprookjesprins? by Sylvie Misslin, Amandine Piu

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