Library Haul 7-6-2017

Library Haul 7-6-2017

Hi everyone!

As I said in my Library #4 haul last week, I had to go back again this week due to me getting one Sprinter (a book you can only borrow for 1 week due to popularity/it being new).

On the one hand I wasn’t looking forward to going today, what with the storm and all, but eh, I don’t want to get a fine. Sadly, yesterday and Monday were both out as an option. Yesterday was the start of the storm, and on Monday they were closed due to Pentecost day #2 (yes, just like Christmas and Easter this one has 2 days).

Do remind me, dear readers, to not go on a Wednesday afternoon again. I had forgotten that Wednesday means that kids get out at lunch and have the afternoon off. Which meant that there were quite a few kids screaming/running in a library. Yay….

But thankfully there was also good stuff, like the fact that I found 6 new books to read! Five fiction books, one non-fiction book (mm, Mexican cooking).

Mijn Supergeheime Dagboek: Reality-tv: een nachtmerrie! by Dee Shulman
Wij gaan hele goede vrienden worden by Mathijs Meinema
En toen kwamen de monsters by Harmen van Straaten
De monstersnackbar- en de pizza der duisternis by David O’Connell
Leila: met een kameel achter de coulissen by Elisabeth Mollema
Texmex by Jonas Cramby

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