Review for Alex Sparrow and the Big Stink

Review for Alex Sparrow and the Big Stink

Farts, talking to animals, kids being blueberried, and lots of hilarious banter between two characters.

Given the book I thought the Big Stink would be the thing that would change the kids, but instead it was even better! Alex, our MC, has a lie detector in his head/ear, butttt there is a catch! Every time he lies, or anyone around him lies the lie detector will go off with a poot. And boyyyy, I don’t know what his ear ate, but those farts apparently stink like rotten eggs and sewer. You can imagine that it isn’t the easiest lie detector to have, not to mention he didn’t even had a choice in the matter (you definitely don’t want to pick up the phone).

I have to say that I liked Alex better when he wasn’t around his (old) friends, of course it was sad that his friends were mean to him (though it shows how they really were), but he gained real friendship, and he became less obsessed with all the popularity business. I liked Alex much much more at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. He was much more fun, acted smarter, he was more genuine.
Also I quite love his imagination and how much he loved superheroes.

Jess, ah, I just loved Jess. Instantly. The girl had attitude, wasn’t afraid to say her opinion, didn’t mind she wasn’t popular, and she could kick some serious butt. Her new powers of talking with animals sounds fun, but really…. you wouldn’t want it as apparently every time she talks to an animal she gets spasms. You can imagine the hilarity when she talks to the pigeon send by the Professor.

The mystery aka who is the Professor, why did the kids get their powers, what is happening to the kids at school, what is up with Miss Smilie? It was fun, interesting, exciting, you wanted to know more and more. At first you don’t really notice anything wrong, but as the story progresses you see more and more kids acting different from their normal selves, they are blueberried (dum dum dum). I am sure you are curious what blueberried is… well, you will have to read the book, I am not going to tell you everything. 😛
The Professor and who it was? I had my suspicions, and I was happy to see one of my suspects confirmed as the Professor.
Miss Smilie? Dang, she was just evil and creepy. It goes to say, never trust anyone who is always happy and smiling.

We also have a goldfish named Bob, or should I say Agent Bob. He was a bit hit/miss, but generally he was really fun. His OCD-ness was interesting add, it gave more depth to him.

The banter between Alex and Jess was terrific, they had instant chemistry (just not the loveydovey one, thank heavens). I did think one of the nicknames Alex made up for Jess was a bit too crude (thankfully she thought the same, sadly it didn’t stop Alex from using it), but generally I laughed when he brought up another new nickname for her. And she gave him a nickname in retaliation.

The ending was terrific, and I just laughed so hard when x happened to Miss Smilie.

I am also delighted to see that there will be another book in the future, yay! I can’t wait to see what adventures these two characters will have!

Definitely would recommend this one to everyone!

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