Review for Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! Vol.2

Review for Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! Vol.2

I absolutely adored the first book in this series, so I was delighted that I found the second volume.

Roji and Kokoro are back. Lots of hilarious situations, pining for Anna, Kokoro being Kokoro, and more!

Once more we have a lot of Kokoro, and just like the previous volume, she isn’t that annoying. A lot of times when there is a kid/toddler in the mix, the kid tends to be annoying. Instead I was just endeared by all that Kokoro did. Stuffing mikans in her pocket until she 100% round. Using sumo-moves to skate (and yes, it apparently works perfectly).
It is actually quite funny that she always seem to appear when Roji is nearby (or Nana).
Plus I love that Roji is apparently Mama to Kokoro.

I was definitely hoping that Roji would finally be able to ask Nana out. He is just so terrible at it, and it apparently takes enlightenment (that is all I will give as a hint) for him to actually do it. I was cheering for him all volume, hoping that he would finally be able to go on a date, or to finally get through Nana. Because Nana… yep, is your stereotypical dense character. Which is at times a bit annoying, but I just can’t wait until the moment that she does realise!

I am not too sure what to think of the new character, she seems quite a mean person. 😐

There was one thing that had me NOPING. It is quite a bit disturbing that even the mom is shipping her own kid with Roji … Whut mum, whut? Why would you want this? Why do so many people think that the Roji and the toddler are a good match? Why can’t you just leave it pure. The kid is just overly attached to Roji. It happens to kids at times, they will grow out of it.

I still quite like the art, though the characters look a bit weird at times (especially Kokoro and Roji).

I can’t wait for the next volume, hopefully it has more dates (Roji x Nana, please make it happen), more Kokoro (I can’t wait what kind of things she will do this time), and lots of hilarious misunderstandings/situations.

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