Review for Boyband of the Apocalypse

Review for Boyband of the Apocalypse

Boybands, teenage girls, and the apocalypse?? Wait?

I won’t make this a very long review (and will keep it basic) because there are some twists and turns (that were very fun), but which I don’t want to spoil (plus, I don’t want to spoiler tag whole parts of the review).

Boybands are evil (why are they so good, and so swoony?), we all know that, but the characters in this book are going to be up against a whole new level of evil boyband-ness. Namely the apocalypse. Yep, world-domination is so 2016, so let’s up the level to destroying the world instead.
And it is up to our MC to beat this plan, to infiltrate the band, and to save the world! But well….

Sam is a great guy, but um, his plans aren’t always the best. 😛 Plus he can’t sing or dance, two very main things one needs to become a boyband member (other than stage presence and of course the very cool hairdo).
But he is quite brave, and he can talk his way out of things (which was hilarious to see).
And I could really relate to him. In books you always see someone become a hero, or find a hidden talent, and yet he feels like he can’t be a hero, and he doesn’t seem to have a talent. I know that is the same feeling I have (especially when I was his age). Books always make it seem like everyone has a hidden talent, but some of us are just ordinary.

The audition part was really fun, and I loved every part of it. It was a bit different from normal auditions you read about, or see on television, and that made it even better. I was curious about a lot of things, but then again everyone participating was a bit confused. I was happy that not every rival was a mean person, I actually loved Mickey and was rooting for him.

Sam’s parents were fun, and I loved when x was revealed! OMG, I never saw that part coming!

Sam’s sister was brilliant, she really has a cool, but weird, talent. I wonder how that will help her in the future.

Milo, Sam’s friend? I am not sure what to think of him. He was nice, but eh, I am not sure how to put this in words. Sorry.

There are lots of twists and turns and I was so surprised at various events happening, I just love it when books don’t make things too obvious and surprise the reader with something cool and unexpected.

I just flew through this book (there never was a dull moment), and I am delighted to see that there will be another book with these characters in the future!

Ah yes, one last thing, I just loved the illustrations that were all over the book!

Highly recommended!

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