Review for Disney Magical Dance Vol.1

Review for Disney Magical Dance Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adored the cover (Disney x (as my boyfriend would call it) Shugo Chara). Not only that but I also quite liked this mangaka’s other work (Kilala Princess). And then there is the dancing and getting famous part. So it had all the elements to be a favourite of mine, and that…….. turned out to be completely and utterly true! Oh my, I enjoyed this one so much. I was quite sad that it was over. I wanted more, and thankfully I saw that there will be more volumes!

Really, why did the first Disney figure she meets have to be Tinker Hell? And why is it the one character that sticks with her all the time. Can’t we have another character? Please? Bleh. Though thankfully she is silent in this one, and seemingly kind. Though I am sure that is just a farce. (Sorry, I just don’t like Tinker Hell.)

Thankfully the next character is Mickey! Yay! And then there is Stitch (and later also Lilo), Chip & Dale (Yay! So happy to see these two make an appearance), Ariel (Whoop, another favourite!!), Cinderella (Yay!!!). Sometimes they pop up in Rin’s world, but sometimes she has a chance to visit their world. I just adored how the characters were exactly as they normally are supposed to act/be. Mickey talks like Mickey. Cinderella is the wonderful princess.

You can slightly see the outcome in each chapter, especially if you know the specific characteristics of the Disney figures that show up. For instance you just know that Stitch is perfect if you want to do a windmill spin move (since he is so bouncy and spinning).

The art is typical shoujo manga style. The boys are all delightfully hot, the girls all sparkle.

And not only the art shows its shoujo manga roots, but also the story. A big dream, some drama (of course a bit exaggerated), a mean girl, some magic events happening, romance (of course). It has got it all. <3

One minus point is the fact that ARC is formatted just as the manga would, which means you have to start at the last page. Which is easier to do in paper format, with a tablet of phone this means swiping/scrolling to the last page so you can start. 😛

I would highly recommend this one. Rin is adorable, hard-working, dedicated, sweet, kind, and you will be rooting for her. Plus also shipping her and Kai. Disney x dancing x romance? What more could anyone want?

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