Review for Giant Days Vol. 5

Review for Giant Days Vol. 5

A new volume is here, and of course I had to read it immediately!

The first year ends, and a new year starts (well at least near the end they are getting close to starting a new year). I can’t wait to see what stuff they will get into in this new year in university/college. Or if they will all make it (since some already had some difficulty in the first year).

Next to the year ending (which meant the building will be demolished), we got a ball to say goodbye to the building, a festival which goes very much out of hand (then again, it seems that these girls never have a moment of peace and quiet), we see Daisy go on a dig and all the trouble that comes with it (I was definitely rooting for the girl to speak up, what a terrible man that professor is, bah), and of course they are moving in a new home (which meant a hilarious trip to Ikea).

Of course there is also some romance. I am still shipping McGraw and Susan… though I guess there is really 0% chance of them getting together. I am also still curious about Daisy and Ingrid (even though I didn’t like her at all) from the previous book, we see her get a text from Ingrid but she isn’t looking very happy about it.

The music festival? It was pretty fun to see how each girl had their own thing to do. Esther was quickly enamoured by a (terrible) band by the awesome name of Poison Nebula. Daisy also finds a group of her own. While Susan… well Susan… her music festival experience is a bit different from the others. Man, I hated that guy who did that to her. Bah.
I had a laugh at the backstage parts of the PN band. Haha, I never expected that to happen/them to like that.

Again the time hops around, but this time it was a bit easier to follow.

I am still loving Esther and how fabulous she keeps looking. Even wearing normal clothes she just looks awesome and confident.

Daisy however is truly maturing more and more, often being the mom of the trio. Though at times she lets herself go, and I just laugh so hard because she is so silly during those moments.

Susan… girl, I am still shipping you with McGraw, but maybe… just maybe you shouldn’t stalk your ex. 😛

Then there is the whole Dean thing + trial, it was quite interesting, and I definitely like that it was added.

Of course there is still a ton more of things that happened in this volume, but my review would get too long if I would mention them all. 😛

So hereby, I would recommend this book to everyone! I can’t wait for the next volume, I want to see the girls in the next year, see their subjects, and see them settle in their new place.

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