Review for Happily Ever After

Review for Happily Ever After

I was really surprised, and delighted, that Cinder & Ella would be back again, in a new book! Of course I had to have it. I immediately pre-ordered it when I could, and then the wait began.

The book takes place after the events from the previous book, and throughout the book we see Ella struggle with her new fame, but also, later, embrace it and try to make the best of it. I loved how Ella at first had no clue how to handle all this, but then later grew more confident about it. With the help of not only Cinder/Brian, but also her friends, and several other people, she learns that fame might not all too bad. It might also come in handy at times.

But as you can imagine that road to embracing and learning how to handle it isn’t easy, it causes several scenes which had me tearing up, sometimes even crying, plus I was afraid for not only Ella, but also her family and Brian (even though he was pretty much a cool cucumber about the fame thing, but that is logical given how he has been drowned in fame since birth). People really went crazy about Ella.

I hated Eric. I was at first worried he would be a new love interest, but then the truth came out and we found out certain things, I was definitely like Brian or Ella’s dad, I wanted to throttle that guy. Not only did he hurt Ella, but also her sisters and her friend. And even caused more ripples in other places. Really, that kind of person should be put behind bars. This is just low, that you would do that to someone who doesn’t know, someone who saw you as a friend. 🙁

Now comes a part that people may take wrong. I do hope that I can word it all right, I have been wondering if I should write about it or not, but I am just going to do it.
I loved Ella in the previous book, but I just wanted to shake this girl a few times while reading the book. How she just couldn’t see that Brian/Cinder really loved her. That he truly loved EACH and EVERY part of her. That he didn’t mind the scars. I mean really, do you think he would be that dedicated if he didn’t like them? Or that he would have fought the way he did in this and the previous book? Not even adding the fact that he wants to see you naked/in your underwear. He loves you. He loves every part of you.
I can imagine you may not want to show the world your scars, but I think Ella should have done it. Show the world that she doesn’t let herself be beat by what happened to her. Show the world there is more than just thin model girls that are all unblemished.
And now comes a part I will be putting under spoiler tags.
Ella suddenly meets someone who is proud and out with her scars. Who lived, who fought, and who doesn’t mind that the world knows about her scars. And then POOF suddenly Ella is all OK with it. Ella wants to do all sorts of things. Shows her skin to Brian/Cinder. And much more. It just seemed highly unrealistic. All of the book Ella is all against the idea of showing her the scars. At the point of the meeting she was still very hesitant about showing things, and then suddenly she meets someone and BANG suddenly it is OK (or mostly OK)? No. Just no. It just made all the things that happened in the previous book, and this one, seem like it wasn’t important. As if all those kind words from others, the help from Brian/Cinder, the support was for nought, all Ella needed was someone like her, someone with scars. *sighs*

There was also some drama that just had me rolling me eyes. I am not really going into specifics, but there were some scenes which I found a bit unnecessary.

I loved the banter between Cinder/Brian and Ella. They are totally adorable together, and I was squeeing at all the love between them. They are truly made for each other. I am so glad that they had the chance to meet. That they have the chance at a relationship (and I am wishing them eternal happiness and love).

Brian/Cinder really changes a lot in this one. He is becoming more and more serious, he dares to stand up against his dad, he is really supportive, sweet, and much more. He was that in the previous book for most, but I could really see a change in this book. Ella definitely brings out the best in him.

The ending was really sweet, and I had a laugh, oh Ella, never change girl!

I didn’t like Ella’s dad, but then again I never really did. He keeps breaking Ella’s heart. He keeps making the same mistake over and over again. One would think a person would learn, but apparently he never does.

Ella’s blog, and also video series? I loved it. It was Ella’s dream to have her blog become so much more.

Well there is still a ton more that I loved, but then this review would be too long. 😛

Ah yes, I did notice a few grammar/spelling errors in the text (like manor of speaking, or the name Vivian misspelled).

I really flew through this book, before I knew it the book was over. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I rolled my eyes, I supported. The book was sure a rollercoaster! Highly recommended!

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