Review for If I Had a Dinosaur

Review for If I Had a Dinosaur

I read this book in Dutch, but will be writing a review in English.

Who doesn’t want a dinosaur as a pet? I know I wanted one when I was a kid, and as the age I am now? Still want one! 😛

This little kid also wants a dinosaur after going through a list of other pets that just weren’t good enough. Cats, nah. Dogs? Nah. Hamsters? Nah.

Her choice of dinosaur? A brontosaurus! Yep, this girl wants a dinosaur/pet as big as a house! Which made it even funnier that it still fitted in the living room on the couch while she was thinking about it. Maybe that house is like the tents in Harry Potter. Dimensions? What is that?

We see the little girl tell us all about her new pet, what she will do with it (like learning it the alphabet), how she would feed it/care for it, about his enormous…. (I just loved the look on the cat’s face when that landed next to it), and many more other fun things.

I definitely loved the ending as well. I won’t spoil it, but it was a fun surprise!

The art is also fun, the colours are bright and fit perfectly with the girl’s imagination!

All in all, a delightful book about imagination, about pets and dinosaurs, about dreams! I would recommend it.

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