Review for Kabe ni Vol.1

Review for Kabe ni Vol.1

A murderous ghost, a kuudere ghost, an exorcist, and a guy who is stuck with all these girls. 😛 I laughed my butt off while reading this one.

The chapter starts with a horror story, and then we switch to our MC, who is at the moment experiencing the story the same way just modern (not calling, but with tweets). The next moment there is Mary!

But sadly for Mary her plan failed as she is stuck in the wall (we later find out why, or at least get slight hint and I am guessing we will find out more as the story continues). Yep, this murderous girl is stuck in the wall, her front half is inside, but her butt and legs are outside (and yes, our MC cared more about the fact her butt is showing like that then the fact she was in the wall). 😛

Mary switches between murderous to happy to weird. It is absolutely brilliant, this girl has so many expressions! She is a bit annoying, and I wonder why the MC didn’t just move the desk away from her so he could sit behind it + stop her from doing her social killing stuff.

Yes, social killing. Why stab someone to death when you can just destroy them for society. Welcome to modern ghosts/modern ways of killing.

If you thought Mary was bad… well our MC gets much more on his plate. Starting with an exorcist girl. She was pretty nice, and I was interested in learning more about her.

Next up is Hanako the toilet ghost. She is definitely my favourite girl. Slightly annoying, but mostly hilarious. Her way of social killing someone is a bit gross, but also very effective (plus I love that you can’t just get rid of her to get rid of the evidence).

As the story continues we see the group try to get Mary out of the wall, not get social killed, and also figure out who the house belonged to at first. There is lots of comedy, silly situations, ghosts, and more!

The art was really great. Not only the facial expressions, but also the way the characters were drawn.

All in all, I can’t wait for more volumes of this manga. Plus I would recommend it to everyone!

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