Review for Knighthood for Beginners

Review for Knighthood for Beginners

Dragons, knights, a talking goat with a wooden tail, knitting, and some (G)nasty villains.

I was utterly delighted when I saw this one on the author’s twitter. I adore her work and was absolutely happy when I saw she would have a new work up, but this time not a picture book, oh no, a normal children’s book! About dragons and knights. Sign me up!

And this book was such a delight. I laughed myself silly. There are some jokes that may not be caught be children, but which will be hilarious to adults.

Dave is a dragon, and he is terrible at it. Like, not just a little bit, but actually a lot of terribleness. He doesn’t like breaking villages (and eating stuff), he can’t knit, looting… well he has a book or two about that and he knows everything about looting, but sadly that doesn’t count. So go with Dave as he leave his village and after finding a book decides to become a knight! Yep, a dragon becoming the one thing that most dragons hate (for reason of course).

Dave was a wonderful character and I was happy at that he didn’t give up when things got difficult or he got in trouble. I did have 1 or 2 parts where I wanted to shake him (due to him thinking he was so super awesome and being kind of mean towards his friends). But other than that I had lots of fun reading about his quest to become a knight.

I was worried about his steed, a goat named Albrecht. Generally these sidekicks are annoying, frustrating and bleh. But not Albrecht, oh no. I instantly took a liking to him + his German talking was just fabulous and fitted him perfectly. He was so funny, though I wasn’t sure (just like everyone else) if his stories were truly true or if they were false. Which made the ending when it all was revealed even better!

I loved how the King was an idiot. 😛 It fitted perfectly with the silliness of the story.

Gnasty was a perfect villain. He was evil, vile, and he also looked the part!

The How to Become a Knight book pages are also added to the book which made for a fun reading, I never knew becoming a knight was so easy!

The ending was great, I am happy with how it ended, and I can’t wait for more adventures with Dave and Albrecht.

The book is filled to the brim with illustrations and I loved each and every one of them.

Highly recommended!

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