Review for Kuro Vol.1

Review for Kuro Vol.1

This will be a very short review as I don’t want to say too much about this book, I want people to go in this one without much knowledge of what is going on.

Since this manga is pretty much like Gakkou Gurashi in many ways. It was really fun when I realised that.

We have various characters that will pop up. Though there are 2 characters you will see the most. Kuro and Coco. Kuro is the kitten (and one very devilish one (though he will do anything to protect his little mistress), this isn’t a spoiler just look at that cover) and Coco is the little girl living in a huge mansion all the way from the village. She is a pretty happy kid despite what happened in her life (which is still shrouded in mystery).

At times it will seem like a slice of life with happy moments between Coco and Kuro, but don’t be fooled. 😛

I loved that the author added chapters that feature a time skip near the end, though it didn’t lessen the questions I had, if anything I had more questions.

The art is stunning. It was a fun surprise to find out that half of the manga was in colour. I do wonder why the rest is suddenly black and white.

While I would love to go into more details I will just leave it at this. I will be buying the other 2 books, I can’t wait to see how this story continues. I want to know more about this world, about Kuro, about Coco.

Highly recommended!

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