Review for Little Tails in Prehistory

Review for Little Tails in Prehistory

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I loved the Little Tails in the Jungle book, so I was already interested in more books from these 2 characters. So when I saw this book up on Netgalley and saw it featured dinosaurs (!!) I just had to press the Read Now button. I adore dinosaurs, I love Little Tails, so this had to be good.

Plus points to the Back to the Future reference at the beginning.

So the book already started off in a brilliant way. A cardboard plane? A kitchen clock so you can go back in time? How does this construction work in the first place. 😛

And thus their adventure starts as they land in prehistoric times. Oh boy, I just loved it. All those dinosaurs, including my favourite the mighty T-rex. I just adored how the illustrator drew the dinosaurs. Each artist has their way of drawing/animating dinosaurs, and sometimes they don’t work, but in this one they really did. Though I am still not all that happy that all those cool dinosaurs suddenly have feathers and often look like overgrown chickens. Give me back my reptiles any day.

I loved that on each page you have a comic and then a gorgeous, vivid painting/illustration of the dinosaur/animal mentioned in the comic. Often they also overlapped (like the one where they have to run for a Pterodactyl).

We first start off pretty far in the Dinosaur period, but slowly time passes and we meet animals (like the mammoth), and more. I hadn’t expected that at all. I just thought this would be about pre-history/dinosaurs. All good though, I quite like this.

Like I said in my previous Little Tails review, I love that the main characters are a dog and a squirrel and that they are such good friends.

So, another success in the Little Tails series, I should really find the other books in this series.

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