Review for Meet the Bigfeet

Review for Meet the Bigfeet

I am so happy I bought this one when I spotted it at the second-hand part of the book store I was at on Saturday.

I was already flipping through it when I spotted it, so I knew it had a lot of potential to be great. And it was! It is about Blizz. Sounds like a normal guy? Right? But actually Blizz is a Yeti! And he is trying to hide his existence (there is some sort of pact set by all the cryptids in the world) and live the good life.

As the book continues we see a bit more of Blizz’s life, but we also see that not everything is sunshine and roses. Actually there is someone who wants to show the world there are truly cryptids! A very annoying man named Vanquist. And boy, I disliked him very much from the moment I saw him. He was just thinking about fame, about money, and didn’t care he may hurt someone or endanger a whole cryptid family. Plus add to that him being very mean to his dog.

Thankfully our cryptids have some good friends/assistants who are willing to help out with defeating this guy. I loved what they did and how the book ended! Hopefully this means we won’t be seeing Vanquist in a long time.

I loved seeing all the other cryptids (like Sasquatch or a unicorn (though poor unicorn for being used as a taxi service)). Add to that I loved their hideouts. Blizz’s especially has an epic hideout with all sorts of fun things (Climbing wall! Bookshelves full of comics!), I can imagine you may not want to leave that place.

Since this is a graphic novel, the book is filled to the brim with illustrations/comics. I really love the style of the art.

All in all, I would recommend this one, and I hope I can find the other books in this series!

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