Review for Night of the Living Bread

Review for Night of the Living Bread

I read this book in Dutch, but I will write a review in English. So I will be using the names as they are in Dutch.

I had spotted this book a few times already but never took it with me from the library, until yesterday that is! I was looking for a fun book to brighten up my week, and voilà there it was. 🙂

First up, I love that the Dutch version’s title is from the last story while the the English version picked the title from the first story. Then again, Pizza der duisternis sounds better than whatever they would have made of the bread boy story.

I was a bit confused as well. I thought this would be a continuous story, but instead you have 5 chapters and each of them is a separate story (though the time does move on, for instance the car from one story will pop in in the stories following that one). So imagine my confusion when in Chapter 2 we suddenly have a new character who was familiar with everyone and I didn’t have a clue who she was.
Eventually I just settled into the world and I didn’t mind that each chapter was a new story, I actually quite liked that the author did it this way.

So the story is about a little kid, named Joep, who is friends with a monster named Fuzzby. Fuzzby runs a snack bar. And not just any snack bar, oh no, he runs a snack bar for monsters. Most of the food is, as you can imagine, disgusting for us humans. Thankfully there are always the fries which are edible to everyone (and a big favourite as well). Plus there are also ingredients found so that Joep can make his own food at times (like a normal milkshake instead of a slimy snot one).

I have to say that since my stomach wasn’t up to happy standards yesterday that I eventually didn’t read the descriptions or titles of food stuff, it was just so disgusting that my stomach (and its contents) wanted to get out of my body. 😐 Normally I am not that sensitive.
I did love how creative the food things were, I wouldn’t eat them for life, but I can imagine a monster loving the heck out of them.

My favourite story? Definitely the last story about the pizza. I just love pizza (though I wouldn’t want to eat this one), and I also loved the revelation about the mayor of the night.
My second favourite would be where Wobbel comes to sample the food and give a review/rating.

The book is also heavily illustrated, and not only that, we also have comics! And on quite a few pages we have a small illustration with family Slurp giving commentary about events on that certain page. It was hilarious!

So yeah, of course I had to see which of my libraries had the rest of the books and had them reserved/put on-hold when I found one library. Now it is hoping they will be there soon crosses fingers I want to know how Joep found the snack bar and what adventures he had in the previous book. Plus I want to see how the story continues in the next book.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a silly book and if you don’t mind a bit of disgusting food.

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