Review for Pochamani Vol.1

Review for Pochamani Vol.1

dies from cuteness Oh my gosh, this manga is just adorable! Realistic, sweet, cute, and I just love the couple. I am rooting for them. Tagami is a bit of a pervert, but he is also sweet and caring, you can see he truly likes Tsugumi. Soooo sweet!

I was at first a bit worried, it is not often that one finds a manga about a chubby character handled well. Often the girl is either very insecure + wants to diet, or just wants to diet. And thus turns into a thin girl again (at times very unrealistically like in Kiss Him, Not Me!). So I was kind of wondering how this manga would do it, and I have to say they did it perfectly!

Our MC still wants to diet at times, but only so she doesn’t become too heavy. And I admire that, this girl accepts her chubbiness, but also wants to stay healthy. At times you will see her exercise, or try to eat less. Plus I also loved that she is pretty positive about how she looks, it took her some time, some bullying (booooo people), but she is comfortable in her skin (well, except when she has to go into a bathing suit, but that is logical, you show much more skin there). She found friends who love her for how she is, even love hugging her or as heater. She is strong and will definitely kick some butt if someone harasses her (go girl!).

Of course with her new relationship she is at times insecure, but this is something everyone has in those first stages of a relationship. Well, she may just have it a bit more because of her weight, but I don’t think she should worry. She got herself a chubby maniac, I am sure the only reason why he is so hesitant is because he can’t stop himself. 😛

Yep, our MC is dating a chubby maniac. A guy whose preferences are chubby girls, and not just any chubby girls. Oh no. He wants someone like our MC who is chubby + happy + can smile + doesn’t worry about her weight 24/7. I loved how he explained it to her when she thought he was just dating anyone who is chubby.
His pervertedness was at times a bit too much, and a bit too creepy, but eventually I got used to it. It was his way of showing affection.
I had such a laugh when he was exercising with our MC and he lost tons of weight to the point that he had to eat a lot to just gain weight again.
The only thing I didn’t like was how he forced so much food on her. Sure, he did it unconsciously, but still it was a bit frustrating to see it happen.

We see our couple get closer and closer to each other, at times getting very close to kissing! I do hope we will see a cute kiss in the next volume! I love how these 2 match so well together, and how they make each other happy. It was definitely a delight when Tsugumi had to do x, that was quite romantic and brought them together for real.

The art is also pretty good, though I always think it is funny that chubby people are apparently shiny.

I will definitely continue reading this manga. It is fun, adorable, cute, and I am so happy to have a girl like this who embraces her body as it is.

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