Review for Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol.1: To Till

Review for Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol.1: To Till

Revolutionary Girl Utena, a series I have been meaning to watch, and read, for ages. Now I finally have the chance with the Complete Box that VIZ brought out.

I already had at least 1 or 2 volumes of this manga, but the old volumes are hard to find, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to read it. And then there was VIZ! Thanks to VIZ for releasing this one in a complete box (which is stunning and gorgeous btw).

Yep, this is pretty much as weird as I thought it would, and from what I remember reading about this series (research!). There are awkward lickings of tears from faces (whut?), there is a Rose Bride who can become someone’s property (and thus that person can do whatever they want with said Bride), there is some sort of weird duel thingie going on and Utena is now involved, we have some sort of prince and Utena desperately wants to meet him, oh and lets not forget to mention how the characters look (some look normal, but wow, those council members). But I just love that craziness. Though I do hope we will be getting some answers about the World’s End, the duelling, Dios, and all the other things that were mentioned soon.

Utena is an absolutely fabulous character, she is brave, fun, smart, she will kick your butt if needed. I just love that she went to protect Anthy even though she doesn’t know her at all. She saw injustice and just went for it. Go girl! Many people would just have turned away, but not Utena.
I love her uniform and what she did with it. Too bad we can’t really see the colour of it, I wouldn’t have minded seeing that pink uniform of hers.

There were some things that were a bit too convenient. Like Utena’s aunt having to move thus creating a situation in which it was possible for Utena to transfer to her first love’s school. Or that Utena is the one Dios is reacting so strongly towards. Or Utena’s ring.

I am not sure what team I am on in the shipping department. I am floating between two camps. Utena x her prince. Utena x Anthy.

I already have found a character I dislike, Saionji. My word, what a sexist pig. Bah!

And I am glad that Kaido is out of the picture, I didn’t like him and his pushiness. I get that he likes Utena, but he just goes too far to show his love/interest in her.

The art is absolutely amazing (but I knew that already). I had a laugh at the illustrations at the beginning of the book though. Most of the characters stay in their colour scheme with the exception of Utena and Anthy. Utena’s hair in two illustrations are blonde, and the rest is her normal pink hairdo. But Anthy…. Her hair switches from blue to brown to purple, and her eyes go from green to blue to purple to brown. 😛

Now I could talk some more about this awesome volume, but I want to continue reading, this volume ends on a cliffhanger and I am dying to know what will happen! So all I will say is that I would recommend this one to everyone!

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