Review for Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol.2 + Vol.3

Review for Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol.2 + Vol.3

Review for Volume 2 (To Plant) and Volume 3 (To Sprout).

So I wanted to read 2 more volumes, after this I have to wait until tomorrow. I just don’t want to burn through the whole series in one go… Or well, I want to, but I know I will regret it tomorrow.

I want to give extra points for the titles of the volumes they fit perfectly with not only the rose theme but also with the characters/story development.

I wrote a semi-long review for each of the 2 volumes and I will post them here.

Volume 2: OMG, Utena and Anthy (and probably all the other characters) are only 13-15? Whut? That makes some scenes in these 2 volumes pretty dang creepy…. So I will just pretend I haven’t seen their real ages and see them as what I think are their right ages, 15-17.

This was yet another fabulous, exciting, squee volume. Lots of action, excitement, new characters, 2 duels, and some cute moments.

We get a few bits of answers, nothing complete yet, and I also have yet some more questions. So many questions! Hopefully in the end everything will click together and we will find out everything there is about all the duelling, about Dios, about World’s End, how the Rose Bride is selected. Also will Utena find her prince (since I don’t believe anything about that cliffhanger in this volume).

Utena is sure getting all the boys after her (first Touga and now Miki) + all the girls. Which is just hilarious as she has no clue how to handle all the attention.

Anthy… I like the girl but I want to hear her own opinions about things happening. But instead she all about Rose Bride following x and that she is just following y. Come on girl! Speak up, Utena is fighting for you as well. 😐

I am not sure what to think of Kozue, she is a bit too clingy and I think she needs to learn to let her brother live his own life.

Volume 3: The last volume for today! I would love to just race through this series, but I know I will regret that. 😛 But this series is just too fabulous, too fun, too wonderful.

In this one we find out a little more about the World’s End (though I still want to know more, especially now THAT happened near the end of the volume), about Dios (who may just be Utena’s prince o.0), about Anthy. Though I am only disliking Anthy more and more with each volume. I loved her in the first one, I was worried about her, I wanted her to have a good life, but with volume 2 and 3… eh. With what she did at the end of volume 3 especially I just wanted to shake her good and well and see if maybe that would bring some sense into her. But I am still curious about her as well.

We meet yet another character and I didn’t trust him from the start. The way he picked up Utena (in believe she was his sister)…. no. Just no.

I am also still going with the whole they are 15-17 and not 13-16 thing. Because there are some scenes in here which are just a bit too creepy if you take in account that Utena is 13 officially.

I am still not sure what to think of Touga though. He seems to have no real bad intentions and he seems genuinely interested in Utena. He may just want to change his techniques for getting her to accept him though. 😛

The art is still fabulous and I am just amazed at the amount of details!

The side-stories were pretty fun to read, a real change from the normal stories. I thought it was quite fun that they were mostly from the monkey’s POV.

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