Review for Sun

Review for Sun

The hottest day of the year has arrived, and a boy and his grandpa are out on an adventure!

After Rain and Snow we now have Sun! This time instead of endless rain or mountains of snow, we have a very very hot summer day. It has been released perfectly in time for those hot summer months that are coming (well, at least here if the weather cooperates :P).

I loved the enthusiasm of the little boy, even though I am quite a bit older, I can still relate. Hot summer days are perfect for adventuring. Perfect for a picnic. And a quest for the best picnic spot ever (because you can’t just have your picnic everywhere, you need THAT spot).

I loved seeing the grandpa and the kid adventure through oases, through the desert, and eventually meeting pirates! Oh my! I was at first worried our two adventurers would be captured, but something much better happens (and no, I am not going to tell).

The ending was great! I loved how, thanks to the grandpa and his photographs, this book came back to earth. We get a peek into the real day. It was good that the author added that. Showed us just how amazing imagination is.

Of course I am still loving the illustrations. They are gorgeous, and very very yellow. 😛 You can just feel the heat of the desert pop out of the pages, you can just feel the coolness of the water when we meet the pirates.

I would recommend this book to everyone. And I am hoping that this author/illustrator will be making more books about weather (maybe next time something with wind?).

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