Review for The Sad, Sad Monster

Review for The Sad, Sad Monster

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A simplistic, but fun book about a little monster who just wants to be friends with people but everyone is avoiding him. 🙁

I do wonder why a monster is at an all-human school. That was the thing that stood out the most for me, sorry, I know I probably should have been more concerned about the poor little fella and his friendless life, but I just couldn’t stop wondering about why he is there, are there any other monsters in the world? Are there monster schools? Are there people at monster schools as well?

Sorry, let’s get back to the book. I knew from quite early what would happen, and I was giggling when it turned out I was right.

I really liked the girl, I hope that she won’t be the only one who sees that the monster is actually quite nice and friendly.

The ending? I wish it would have been a bit more than what it was now. Maybe show them playing together? Maybe see someone else also looking at them having a good time (hint to a new friend).

The art was so-so. A bit simplistic, but it did fit with the book/story.

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