Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Shark in the Pool

Review for Wigglesbottom Primary: The Shark in the Pool

The second book in the Wigglesbottom Primary series, and I loved it as much as I loved the first book.

We have 3 new short stories, this time about swimming and sharks (oh no!), about parachutes and invisibility, and about dinosaur bones and playgrounds.

I will write a small review for each of the stories.

Story 1: Shark in the Pool. Haha, I so knew the feeling of these kids. I had the same feeling when I watched Jaws. I definitely liked how you could see the way mass panic works. One kid squeals, shows a wound, and suddenly no one feels safe. And then there is another twist, and RIP swimming time. I kind of felt sorry for the teachers. I am glad to see how they handled it though. They could have gotten way more angry, but they choose to solve this matter in a fun way.
I do hope that the kid who caused all the chaos has learned a lesson from this. Oh wait, given the ending…. 😛

Story 2: Parachute + Invisibility. OMG, I had that parachute thing at gym once, in high school I believe. Best gym lesson ever. So I knew what would happen when the kids had to hide under there. I loved their reactions to what happened when they got under it and they saw how it was still all puffy and like a hot air balloon (without the hot air).
What happened to the kid? Eh, I knew what happened (especially when the peach was missing), but it was hilarious to see how the kids totally believed the invisibility thing. Magical parachutes! And when the truth came out, I loved how she choose to just side with the story even though she knew what had really happened with him.

Story 3: Dinosaur bones. Haha, another story that was really relatable to me. I remember when I was that age, I also found something that I found was REALLY REALLY old, but it turned out to be something different.
Though what happened at the end, the surprise (though I could already see what was happening based on several things), didn’t happen to me. 😛 It would have been fun though if that was also the same.
I quite liked this story, and I loved how the kids were so believing, how they truly thought they had found something that was ancient, something that was rare. I love that. People tend to lose that believing when they grow up.

Of course the book is stuffed to the brim with illustrations. This time the colour scheme was Blue! The story already made me laugh real hard, the illustrations made me roll around even more.

All in all, 3 stories that I loved, and I hope the next book will be just as awesome (then again… it has a hamster so I am sure that will end up to be my favourite).

I would recommend this book to everyone.

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