Review Royce Rolls

Review Royce Rolls

This won’t be a very long review, I just want to express my thoughts and feelings on this book.

I just adore books about fame, about reality shows, so I was very eager to read this one. Plus it seemed like it had a ton of drama!

The book starts off in the future, then rewinds back to the past. I definitely loved that it started with a bang, something that makes you want to know what happened to get to this event. It made the book even more interesting, as quite a few times you will be wondering when the event happens, and if you will be seeing how it all ends. It is fun to see the story build-up to that moment. I know that at times I went OHHHHH when something happened that may contribute to that event. 😛

Our MC is Bentley (though in later parts we also see POV from her mom, her brother, and her sister). She is a pretty great gal, I liked her from the start, and I know that throughout the story I just wanted to hug her. She did some stupid things, some desperate things, some not all too good decisions, but (unlike her family and friends, oh and the world) I could see that she was doing that for her family. To make sure they stick together. To make sure they have a future.
She was so smart, I loved the essay she had to write (though I still think it is a weird thing that one has to write an essay to get a chance at acceptance at an university/college), her essay really portrayed her life, but also showed her character.
Plus I could definitely understand that she wanted out, my word, her family is craycray. Her mom is obsessive about the show, about beauty, about looking the part. Her sister is practically a mini-mom (though she did have her good parts). Her brother is a loose cannon (with his gambling).

I loved the idea of the new season, plus the addition of Whitey. He turned out to be a really interesting character, I was really shipping him with Porsche. You could just see it was love at first sight and that it wasn’t an act for either of them.

The book also adds tweets/articles and more about the life of the Royces and I really liked that it was added. It was fun to see the opinion of the world on certain events.

Then we get to the future event (and bits of it before that), and I was just OOOOOHHHHing and OMGing. While I did have my suspicions about several things (like Whitey), the twists and revelations still took me by surprise.

I have to say that after a few pages I skipped the footnotes. They were confusing, annoying, and very distracting. It is a nice idea, but yeah, it didn’t work for me in this book.

Also, dear author, I am not sure why you think ducks can’t fly, but ducks can most certainly fly. Maybe you were thinking about penguins? Or ostriches? Or chickens? But ducks? Ducks fly.

All in all, this was one book that was AWESOME, though it did take me some time to get through. Sometimes I have that with books, some books you can just fly through, and others take a bit longer.
I would highly recommend this book. Drama, reality shows, love, and much more!

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