Waiting on Wednesday ~ Violet and the Mummy Mystery

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Violet and the Mummy Mystery

Hello everyone!

Today’s WoW is another book that won’t come out until August! It features a great MC (this is book 4, so we are familiar with the characters), a mystery, a crime, great illustrations by Becka Moor, and this new book makes me even more excited, as it also features a mummy! A missing mummy at that. It also features the British Museum (oh how I wish I could visit it), a professor of Ancient Egyptology (one of my dream jobs).

And here I thought I could patiently (well, as patient as one can be) wait, but now I am bouncing around wishing it was August already. 😛 I want to solve the case of the missing mummy!

When Violet’s cousin Agnes and her Aunt Mathilde arrive from Cairo, Violet is delighted. Aunt Mathilde is a Professor of Ancient Egyptology and has discovered a mummy that may be the key to revealing the secret location of Queen Nefertiti’s tomb. Violet can’t wait to find out more! So when the precious mummy is stolen from the British Museum, it’s a disaster. Who has managed to pull off this crime right under the security guards’ noses and where is the mummy now? It’s up to Violet and the gang to save the day!

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