Library Haul 1-7-2017

Library Haul 1-7-2017

Hi everyone!

This was another fun, though also slightly eh, visit to the library! Fun because I had 9 reservations/on-holds, and also found 5 other books.

Eh, because one of the 9 reservations wasn’t found on the special bookshelves. Thus I had to ask one of the librarians, who was quite confused as both the library system and my phone (mail/library app) said it was supposed to be there. She also looked through the shelves, and through the system. Then asked for help when another librarian popped up. Both of them went searching in every place, but didn’t find it. Enter the third librarian who was quite a bit rude (at least in my eyes, as she was a bit dismissive about what her colleague did (kept pointing things out) and didn’t really want to believe my mail (how one wants to refute that, eh)), but in the end she also joined the search. Sadly, none of them found it. They think that someone may just have taken the book (as in stolen, as according to the system no one tried to do it the legal way (and besides that, the system should give an error message if you take a reserved/on-hold book). As expected they weren’t at all happy about this situation. sighs So, they cancelled my reservation and made a new one for me.

But I was also laughing a bit as this was yet another instance of reservation/on-holds gone wrong. Those who read my blog will remember some of my other problems with reservations/on-holds. 😛

Back to my library haul! Stats: 13 new books. 8 non-fiction. 4 fiction. 1 comic.

Hormonologen by Yvonne van den Hurk
Opzienbarende ontdekkingen over taal by Milfje Meulskens
Raveleijn by Paul van Loon
Billy en het geheim onder de trap by Krista Okma, Chris Vosters
Sem en Eva samen een team by Evelien van Dort, Nynke Talsma
Indoor tuinieren by Silvia Appel
Roofvogels en uilen van Noordwest-Europa by Paul Böhre, Joris De Raedt
Grenzeloos: Reis Langs Het IJzeren Gordijn by Peter Jacobs, Erwin De Decker, Wouter Rawoens
Healthy Sisters by Rachida Kharbouch, Najima Kharbouch
Sisters kookboek by Brigitte Carrère, Christophe Cazenove, William
Aan het dromen? by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec
Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake, Emma Chichester Clark
Het heel grote vogelboek by Bibi Dumon Tak

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