Library Haul 14-7-2017

Library Haul 14-7-2017

Hello everyone!

Since I didn’t have a particularly good day (went to the doctor today after a week or so of pain in my finger, and apparently the pain/little lump in my finger means I have an inflammation on the tendon of my middle finger (really, no clue how that happened), and it hurts like hell), so I decided to hop by Library #4 to make my day a bit better. And I am glad I did, I got 8 new books to enjoy, even a few I didn’t expect to find yet at the library. My day definitely became happier.

Oh, and you may remember Verleiding (The Royals) from my previous haul? Well, um, it is labelled as YA here (not only due to the library, but also due to the publisher). I went to the librarian at the information desk and explained that this may not be the best book for YA. I told her a few of things that happened in the book, and she was clearly not all too happy, but sadly there is a chance that they won’t change it… It is published as YA, it is promoted as YA, it is even on the book. So I am not all too happy, but hey, at least I tried. 🙁

Stats: 8 books and all of them fiction!

De verdwenen prinses by Thea Stilton
Het reuzenradmysterie by Siobhan Dowd
Wie is er bang voor de voetbal zombies? by Simon van der Geest, Elly Hees
Silvester en het knorrende cadeau by Willeke Brouwer
Monster in de school by Heike Wiechmann
Pien en Keet gaan op ballet by Katja Reider, Franziska Harvey
Piraat Puck en de ontvoering van Raaf by Janneke Schotveld, Marja Meijer
Raveleijn: Bende van de witte veer by Paul van Loon

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