Review for DC Super Hero Girls: Vol 3, Summer Olympus

Review for DC Super Hero Girls: Vol 3, Summer Olympus

The third volume and this time it is summer vacation for our heroes! Of course there are also villains to defeat so this volume was full of fun and fighting. And also lots of sisterhood and friendship.

This book’s timing couldn’t have been better, it is summer vacation for many schoolkids, and thus this book becomes even more fun to read. Plus those of us who long for summer vacation (but are adults) will love this book as well as it reminds us of the thrill of making plans for the vacation, asking our friends what their plans are.

Before I start with the story and what I thought of it, I want to address Siracca. I am a bit confused about it. I never heard of the character before, but I found the whole Syrian refugee story a bit too convenient given it is such a hot topic. Sadly, I can’t really find a lot of information about Siracca, plus the sites are a bit conflicting if they have information (some say she was born in Palestine, others say Syria). But I just can’t get over the feeling that the whole refugee thing is just added as a hot topic thing. If it is not, please let me know, I just want to know more about Siracca, she is such an awesome character.

Most of the story’s focus is on Wonder Woman (sorry, I am not going to call her Wondy, that is just too silly), but we also see other groups of super heroes. Which in the end all connect together! Wonder Woman is going to Olympus to meet with her dad and see her siblings, she is taking Bumblebee with her (she wanted to take other people, but sadly everyone else had plans). I did feel sorry for Wonder Woman, it was quite hard for her to decide to go to her dad. On the one hand she wants more time with him, find out about her heritage, but on the other side she isn’t really sure about it all.

I loved seeing her siblings, see how they looked, acted, and what they did. Plus it was great fun seeing Olympus.

Of course our superheroes never rest as there is a subplot next to the Wonder Woman goes to Olympus story. Lots of mystery, excitement, and of course battles! The battles were well written and I enjoyed them. It was fun to see everyone’s powers, and see Wonder Woman grow even further as a character.

The art is still great, though I still can’t get over the eyes of the characters. They just look a bit weird, and at times I just was laughing because of how they looked (and at some moments it just wasn’t the right scene for laughing).

But I definitely enjoyed this volume and I can’t wait for the next volumes!

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