Review for Disney Manga: Stitch! Best Friends Forever.

Review for Disney Manga: Stitch! Best Friends Forever.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore Stitch, he is such a delightful character. So any time I see anything with Stitch I just need to try it out.

This time no Lilo, but instead we have a girl named Yuna who lives in Izayoi. Stitch lands there and, for the first half-ish of the volume, he tries to do good deeds so he gets his wish fulfilled (and anyone who knows Stitch knows that he wants to be super awesome). I have no clue if he ever managed it or if he gave up entirely, but in the next parts there is no mention of good deeds, so that was a bit confusing. Also the fact we suddenly had Pleakly (urgghhhh terrible character) and Jumba (yayyy!) as characters as well.

There is no real continuous story, instead these are all short stories. Each one featuring an event (like Valentines Day), a new character (Sae), a new adventure (when they had to move the tree). They are all pretty short (duh), all are about 4 to 7 pages. I was a bit surprised that they were all short stories, I was thinking this would just be one story with various chapters. But this was even more fun. It fits better with Stitch and Yuna’s adventures.

I am a bit confused about her moving to Tsuruko and going to a school there. What about the other kids? Will they just stay on the island? Who will teach them then?

I definitely loved the event stories the most. It was fun to see how Stitch was trying to understand what the day was about. Of course in typical Stitch-ness he did things his way. 😛

Yuna was a really great character, she is sweet, kind, and it was really fun to see her live on the island. Her hair is kind of amazing, how it can go to completely flat to sticking up in two pony tails. I want to know her secret. Oh wait, I can just guess. Manga/anime magic hair properties (thinks back to Dragon Ball).

Of course Stitch was being Stitch, I like him tons. He is so sweet and I just love his superpowers. He tries to be good, but often misinterprets something or forgets his strength. But he is always trying to make things right again. No matter how hard it is for him.

The art is pretty great. The style fits perfect with the randomness that is Stitch.

I had a great time reading this. Laughing myself silly over what Stitch did (and how he pulled Yuna into his antics). I hope there will be more Stitch manga!

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